Mickey Rourke, Closing Credits Rapper


If it's felt like there's been something missing from awards season -- or 2009 in general -- it's probably because there's been no Mickey Rourke, our crown prince of comebacks, our potentate of purse dogs. Luckily, Nerdist (by way of Vulture) pointed us to this little gem guaranteed to tide us over until Rourke's whip-wielding Iron Man 2 turn: the end credits of video game Rogue Warrior 2, which perfectly set the NSFW musings of Rourke (who voiced one of the game's characters) to an ambient beat. How could he have spent so much time pursuing boxing as a second career when music was his true vocation? The clip, after the jump:

Mickey Rourke's Groove Salad [Nerdist]