Up in the Air's Anna Kendrick on Getting Hired, Not Fired


As the seemingly sure-of-herself Natalie in Jason Reitman's Up in the Air, Anna Kendrick strides into George Clooney's office and walks out with the whole picture. You could call it a breakout role, except the 24-year-old has quietly amassed a resume full of them: from a Tony nomination at age 12, to a bravura role in the Sundance hit Rocket Science, to a small part in a very big franchise, Twilight.

Kendrick's Up in the Air character makes her living by firing people, but in Movieline's extensive interview with her, I thought I'd explore the flipside. Over the next few pages, Kendrick takes you on an exploration of how she won every pivotal part in her career, and what each role meant to her as an actress. It's the story of one of Hollywood's brightest new talents.

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  • Emotionally Retarded says:

    She was amazingly hilarious in Camp.

  • Victor Ward says:

    I'm proud to be gay enough to have loved Camp and to be able to sing the entire "Life Upon the Wicked Stage" song she's performing in that first picture after the jump.
    She's fancy.

  • The Winchester says:

    What a lovely woman. She's absolutely brilliant in Up In The Air, which is a terrific film in itself.

  • WM says:

    Thank you for the best interview of Anna Kendrick for fans anyone has done in years. Way more than just the standard Twilight and Up in the Air questions of other interviews. And, unlike other interviewers, Kyle Buchanan clearly knows Anna Kendrick was an experienced and talented pro before those two movies (although she's great in them, too).

  • WM says:

    That 1998 picture of little Anna in curls is not from High Society. It's from the "My Favorite Broadway" special that year (later on PBS), when she sang "Life Upon the Wicked Stage" from Showboat, backed by dancers from the then-revival production of Cabaret.

  • AMS says:

    Without question, Anna is my favorite new artist, and this interview only confirms my appreciation. Talented, beautiful, gracious and smart, it's hard to imagine a more deserving person. A superb interview.

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