Variety Scoops World On Jackass 3-D Lensing in Knob Lick, Mianus, Fukang and Buttzville

While we mentioned in Hollywood Ink this morning that the third Jackass film would bring you all the penis-puppetry and horse-semen guzzling your stomach could handle in glorious, stereoscopic three-dimensionality, we failed to note the final paragraph of the Variety story on the project -- which reports, probably quoting directly from an unchecked press release, that the film will "lense in Knob Lick, Kentucky, Mianus, Connecticut, Fukang, China, Buttzville, New Jersey and Gayville, South Dakota." This is surely the most international Jackass movie yet, but we wish the boys the best of luck in Mianus, where we hear getting a shooting permit is a real pain in the ass. [Variety]