Will Girly Running Impede Steven Seagal's Lawman Debut?


The specs for Steven Seagal's docuseries Lawman, which premieres tonight on A&E at 10 PM, are impressive to say the least. The martial arts star has apparently acted as a deputy in a Louisiana sheriff's department for the past two decades, and Lawman allows us to see Seagal in Cops-reminiscent action on the Big Easy's streets. This is real. This is an unscripted Steven Seagal law enforcement series. The trailer even has to state that it's "not a joke." But a lawman's worst enemy is his own shortcomings, and viewers must worry that Seagal's most elusive foe looms at all times: his flinging, girly limbs, caught on tape after the jump.

Surely you've seen Seagal run like a girl before. Right? Better prepare yourself, because Lawman will definitely have these flailing arms on tap.

Again, no commentary necessary. I'll attempt a dissertation of highlights tomorrow, unless my ability to think straight is deeply under siege.



  • Nicholas Mancini says:

    Steve Segal is the real thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lawman is a terrific adventure about the real good side of the law at work in its finest degree. He is an angel that deserves every accolade for being genuine in every way shape and form. No tyrannical cop working here, just an angel that restores faith in American justice.
    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
    Anyone who criticizes him is subject to the same flaws and he rises above them all.
    One of the Best

  • Nicholas Mancini says:

    He puts them down because its so simple it seems fake. But AIKIDO is for real and he is surely a Master of the first degree.
    Every cop should be trained likewise to protect themselves and produce submission right off in the same manner with no questions or arguments until apprehended.
    Keep up the good work Steve modeling for all the good guys how to do it right with complication.

  • PDB says:

    I wonder who is this girly-man who says Steve Segal runs like a girl? Whoever you are I don't think that Arnold S. would agree with you at all. Steve Segal is the best of the best & you will have to eat crow & apologize for your nonsense. I agree with the writers above & especially that all cops should be likewise trained in Aikido. Anyone who thinks Steve Segal runs like a girl would never dare say that to his face.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    AIKIDO Belt Qualifications>
    White Belt - Break board with foot
    Orange Belt - Break board with hand
    Black Belt - Run like girl

  • Tom Victory says:

    As a former member of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office I was embarrased by this program. This show in my opinion is a load of crap. After showing numerious pictures of the city of New Orleans they want people to believe that it is part of Jefferson Parish. Segal who is being driven by Johnny Fortunato who is not a street cop but the public information officer for the sheriff's office takes orders from Segal such as turn on the lights and get them Johnny. I was embarrassed for Fortunato just watching this crap. As far as the show the black community of the parish should be up in arms about the way the black community was focused on. But on the other hand most of the arrest that Segal took part in were given suspended sentences. I suggest that people not watch the show and let Segal go back to making movies where he belongs and leave the police work up to the people who do it for a living. Real deputies!
    Tom Victory

  • Sheila McCain Victory says:

    My Father & Father In law may they rest in peace were Sergeants with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office My Father for 27 years And Father In law for 55 years And My Husband for 16 years I am very proud of them. But this program Steven Seagal The Lawman was a joke It makes the JPSO look like fools.I really felt sorry for Colonel Fortunato to have babysit Mr.Seagal. In every segment he puppied Fortunato around let's go get them Johnny then he wants to taze everyone and the Black community is being singled out. And since when the City Of New Orleans is a part of Jefferson Parish all the pictures shown are in the City. The only picture they showed of the Westbank of Jefferson Parish was the expressway. Like I said before what a joke.
    Mr Seagal, Please do us all a favor go back to doing your movies at least you didn't act fake in them. Leave The Job Of Protecting And Serving The Community To The Real Police Officers That Put There Lives On The Lines Everyday.
    Thank You
    Sheila McCain Victory

  • Daft Clown says:

    It's pretty impressive how well you typed that comment with Steven's dick all in your mouth.

  • dawn says:

    My best friend is a JP and he told me that all he does is get in the way! And that he is a so called honorary police officer and he did not go through the police academy. Okay because he knows "kung fu" that qualifies him to be a cop? It doesn't work like that. This is for tv and tv only. It makes me mad because I feel like our city is being exploited and I really do not appreciate it. Seagall looked like a idiot. Had to watch it just this one time so I could crack up laughing. I promise u this i will not be watching it again!

  • The Winchester says:

    I just hope that if ratings get too low, the producers decide to re-introduce Screwface as a recurring villain.

  • Mike says:

    WOW all I can say I was a reserve officer same as steven guess what i worked in a low income slum and 90% of the calls I went on were serous.
    I failed to see where he contributed to any situation other then a few trainning classes,I wonder how many hours a week is mr,segal putting in? you can be in the reserves for 25 years and only relly have to work 5 hrs a week on the streets.All officers know what to look for All officers can sence what something is not right its noting speical only steven can do..why are you the only one with a vest on at least on the outside? Because it makes you appear more intimading thats all.
    this is just a big commerical for segal...I feel sorry for all those who have to work with him seems like the kid who is always in the way.
    here kid hold down the scene were going for coffee..let the real cops work and go back to teaching steven.

  • Louis Virtel says:

    I concur about the focus on Jefferson Parish's black community. Felt really sinister and uncomfortable, particularly when the camera zoomed in menacingly on that guy on the porch.

  • PDB says:

    Maybe all those above who disliked the show should send their complaints to the sponsors of the show & also the producers, etc.

  • Ed says:

    Maybe you all should relax and remember that it's a tv you're watching.

  • Don Gwinn says:

    "Why are you the only one with a vest on at least on the outside?"
    Because that ham Shatner ruined girdles for *everyone,* and there's no way to be manly in a corset no matter how you try.

  • jimmie p. says:

    if i not mistaking, does anyone on this show get arrested, seatbelt subject not wearing seatbelt,plus has his uncle's gun, and he's only 17
    and they let him go.
    dwi***person pulled over, and a cab was called to bring him home.
    now, let me or you get pulled over for above violations and see....what happens!!!ticket and jail....