Late Night Highlights: Spider-Man's Suit, Fight Club and Chris Colfer's Sexuality

The late night dark week continues for Letterman, Kimmel and Fallon and while the employees of those shows have earned a relaxing week of Cyber Monday shopping and holiday preparations, the home viewers get the first round of holiday movie promotion on the competing programs. To hawk Brothers, Tobey Maguire told Conan O'Brien how exactly Oprah persuaded studio heads to give him the Spider-Man costume. That video, and the other highlights you missed while replaying your Today Show appearance on loop, after the jump.

Chris Colfer Loved Bea Arthur to Death

Conan O'Brien did not ask his second guest, Glee's Chris Colfer, about his sexuality but some inferences could be made from their conversation about parade floats, high voices and Bea Arthur. Decide for yourself.

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  • peliculita says:

    Another good clip to show would be Joel McHale's interview on Ferguson last night. It was probably one of the most entertaining and natural interviews I've ever seen.

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