In Other Shirtless Wolfcake News...

· Introducing the newest additions to HBO's True Blood: Grant Bowler and Theo Alexander, who respectively play Coot -- a rugged werebiker -- and Talbot, an "intensely beautiful" boytoy to Russell Edgington (played by Denis O'Hare), the closest thing Mississippi vampire society has to a David Geffen. [The Live Feed]

· The ten most watched TV episodes of the decade (reality included). Nine aired prior to 2006, back when Jeff Zucker could still justify keeping his job.

· Inside the Actor's Studio host/ponderous sycophant/Proustian interrogator James Lipton is now an LG pitchman. We almost didn't recognize him without his two trademark features: a beard, and a packed auditorium of cackling, note-scribbling aspiring thespians who will remain anonymous forever.

· Bronson star Tom Hardy has auditioned for George Miller, for a part that may or may not be the title role in Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth chapter of the Mad Max series. And that's good enough for MTV Movies blog! It's totally (sort of) official!

· A man in Salzburg found a Knight & Day (formerly Wichita) production binder in a garbage bin, containing schedules, budgets, flight plans, and stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz's personal phone numbers. A rep for Anna Kendrick denies her client had anything to do with it. (Force of habit.)

· Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene. We're strangely aroused.