Barbara Walters's 10 Fascinating People of 2009 Will Include Exploited Kids, Thank God


In 2007 she chose Victoria Beckham. Last year she chose Will Smith and Tom Cruise. And now, for this year's "10 Most Fascinating People" special, Barbara Walters will recap 2009 by interviewing another handful of celebrities who come factory-built with soundbites (Kate Gosselin, Lady Gaga) and discussing the most talked-about veiled youngsters of the year -- Michael Jackson's children. I can't decide what's worse: waiting on whether they'll be interviewed by the most self-consciously austere interviewer in primetime, or if "experts" will fill time and weigh in on their strife for an 11-minute segment. A near-full list of fascinating people, and a proposal for a more interesting way to organize this tradition, after the jump.

Via AP:

The list also includes pop-culture sensation Lady Gaga (GAH'-gah), famous mother of eight Kate Gosselin (GAHS'-lihn), glam rocker Adam Lambert, record-breaking NFL quarterback Brett Favre (farv), South Carolina's first lady Jenny Sanford, comedian-filmmaker Tyler Perry, TV pundit Glenn Beck and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

The 10th fascinating person will be announced on the show, which airs Dec. 9.

The big reveal is already exhilarating. Can't wait for that tell-all interview with... Megan Fox, Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Brown and Rihanna, or Barack Obama. Those shrinking violets raring to be heard.

As for rejiggering this for entertainment's sake, can we just have the 10 honorees comment on each other? I'm much more interested in hearing Tyler Perry call Kate Gosselin "a real woman of faith," Lady Gaga calling Sarah Palin "a sexy monster movie" and Michael Jackson's kids calling Adam Lambert "a little out there for us." Cloud up the cinematography and sign me up.

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