Avatar Composer Sucker Punches Michael Bay


If you're Michael Bay, it's easy enough to blow off a diss coming from the starlet who used to wash your car. He might just have to absorb the one flung his way by Oscar-winning Avatar composer James Horner, who, in a new interview, complains that Bay doesn't quite understand the little moments that help round an action film into a true drama. "[N]ot to mention names, but if it was Michael Bay making this movie we wouldn't be having this conversation," Horner told the LAT. "These things wouldn't matter or they certainly wouldn't matter as much." Fair enough, but let's see Jim Cameron try to find the human drama in a Victoria's Secret ad. [LAT]


  • Morgan says:

    LOL, not to defend Michael Bay, but this is hilarious coming from James Horner, who is surely one of the most personally disliked composers in the Hollywood.