Roman Polanski Somehow Still in Jail Until Weekend


The ongoing drama surrounding Roman Polanski's held-up bail continues today, with a Swiss official saying the filmmaker "will not leave jail before Friday, the bail must be posted in the coming days." That would come more than nine days after his most recent bail appeal was granted, and a little less than a week since electronic surveillance and monitoring equipment was installed in Polanski's home in Gstaad. Polanski still owes 3 million euros (or roughly $4.5 million) to the Swiss justice ministry; where's loyal devotee Harvey Weinstein when you really need him, anyway? [AFP]


  • Majean says:

    Here's a theory I have: either he doesn't have all of the money, or the Swiss officials are holding him until a few days before December 12 (that's when he's extradited to the U.S. right?) so he can have a few days home before he is right back in the slammer.