Late Night Highlights: Vampire Shatner and Real A**wipes of D.C.

Letterman, Fallon and Kimmel went dark this week but Conan, G-Lo, J-Lo and the gang recovered quickly enough from the holiday to give us fresh shows last night. Hell, Chelsea Handler filmed a new program after the Thanksgiving weekend and a 14 hour flight back from Australia. But William Shatner wins the Thanksgiving survivor story, for his epic tale of one turkey that just did not want to be deep-fried, told eloquently on the Tonight Show. To prove his resilience, Shatner then donned a pair of toy fangs and offered to swim naked through the freezing ocean to stare at Sarah Palin, where he would then, well...the rest of that story and the other late night moments you missed while trying to scrape together that $4.5 million for bail, after the jump.

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  • Danny says:

    Yeah what a weird week, but I think that the maddest events of the week is the Mystery surrounding Mr Woods! Tiger my friend you have messed up bigtime. How could you leave your beautiful Swedish wife for that cheap ‘partygirl’? I just dont get a good vibe about her! Anyway If you are looking for some Awesome Facebook Status Updates go to
    Me and all my mates have been loving it! Thank me later!
    I love the content on this site, looking forward to reading more!