5 Surprising Snubs Among the Independent Spirit Award Nominees


The Independent Spirit Awards announced their nominees today, and films like Precious and The Last Station were showered with attention. Still, I couldn't help but notice which surefire contenders were not nominated. Here's 5 of the most notable snubs, along with the full list of nominees:

1) The Spirit Awards showed A Serious Man a lot of love, but didn't extend that to a best feature nomination or anything for lead actor Michael Stuhlbarg. Stuhlbarg's been talked up for an Oscar nomination, but it's gotta hurt that he couldn't even land in the top five for the Spirits.

2) Hands down, the most gorgeous independent film of the year is Tom Ford's A Single Man, yet cinematographer Eduard Grau was left off the list while the middlingly shot Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans made the grade.

3) For that matter, where's A Single Man's Julianne Moore in the supporting category?

4) The IFPs were aware enough of That Evening Sun to nominate two of its actors, and neither of them was Hal Holbrook?

5) Hey guys, there's this documentary called The Cove. Everyone's talkin' about it.

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  • Colander says:

    A) Adventureland??
    B)My avoiding (500) Days of Summer now makes me seem more ignorant than usual, and...
    C)Kyle, there seems to be a mistake in the 'Director' category--do you see it? (Not making a joke; internalized homophobia?)

  • Colander says:

    Okay, the last bit was a joke, but there IS a mistake...

  • Colander says:

    Okay, never mind, I can't read. Team Jacob.

  • RoyBatty says:

    This is your first Spirit awards I take it, because otherwise why the surprise?
    Dawn Hudson took the whole thing into a star-fucking direction years ago. Just look at the Best Picture winners for the last 6 years - every one made with major studio money and all with name casts.

  • The Winchester says:

    As the only person who isn't related to Jared Hess that enjoyed Gentleman Broncos, it pleases me to see the recognition of the brilliant Dr. Ronald Chevalier.

  • NP says:

    Yay for Amreeka getting some love. Also glad to see Mother and The Maid in the foreign film category.