Did the Salahis' Appearance on Today Seal Their Future As Real Housewives Stars?

You don't have to be Danielle Staub's prostitution-whore drug dealer to know that Bravo's Real Housewives franchise takes all kinds -- aristocratic and stuffy, desperate and nouveau riche, and even so annoying it hurts, sometimes. The Salahi family, who allegedly crashed a White House state dinner while Bravo cameras followed them in consideration for a new Housewives series, might have severed (or escalated) their chance at stardom with this ballooning fiasco. After the jump, video of their talk with Matt Lauer and a thorough inspection of their telegenic goods.

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There's something about the Salahis that smacks of The Real Housewives of NYC's Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen, particularly that epic entitlement that begs for a six-episode arc and a finale full of comeuppance. It only took a climactic dinner to make the first season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey watchable, and I imagine these sociopath socialites will lend enough cud for even the lamest cast member to gum. As for the Today video, these two have the most watchable Housewives element of all: self-seriousness. I'm Team Bethenny as much as anyone, but no can deny that the humorless self-absorption of Kelly Bensimon is twice as compelling and unpredictable. What if Kelly Bensimon felt important enough to crash Balenciaga runways? That would transcend entertainment and enter the realm of legend. The Salahis give Bravo a fancy dinner ticket into mythology, and not just syndication. Hail to the confessionals!


  • What is the new series going to be called, "Real Scarecrows of the Beltway"?

  • Mikey says:

    They shouldn't be put on television. They should be put in jail.
    NBC, Bravo, and the producers of the “Real Housewives” franchise need to disengage themselves from these people immediately. What seemed initially like a couple of self-absorbed fame-balls crashing a party is rapidly revealing itself to be a media corporation putting the President of the United States in danger for the sake of a shitty reality show.
    Jail time. Fines. And ship Andy Cohen out to the NBC affiliate in Duluth, Minnesota. Make an example of them all.

  • Cinder says:

    "Real Housewives"; are you kidding me? I do not understand why these people socialize with one another, other than to keep this show going. They are constantly fighting about one thing or another and "where two or more are gathered" there shall be "gossip"!!! Unbelievable.

  • Harry Sarwari says:

    I will never watch the show again if the Salahis' are on it. I will tell the entire community to boycott the series.