The CW Took a Ratings Nose Dive, Probably Thanks to Half-Assed Gay Westwick Action

A new study by Horizon Media measuring which TV series' viewership rose and fell this year indicates that most returning series on the CW have suffered double-digit percentage losses in key demographics. That's right, even Gossip Girl has fallen hard (30.9%) despite featuring a frosty bro pullaway. A look at the numbers, and what we can do to gaily help, follows.

Via THR:

One of the report's most striking points was that (in the adult demo, at least), the CW has taken hard hits across the board: "Smallville" (-39.8%), "Gossip Girl" (-30.9%), "90210" (-28.3%), "One Tree Hill" (-25.3%), "Supernatural" (-22.4%) and "America's Next Top Model" (-18.3%) all fell double digits. One would expect older series like "Top Model" and "One Tree" to drop like that, but "Gossip" and "90210"?

Other steep decliners: "Heroes" (-35.3%), "Fringe" (-33.4% on a new night), "CSI" (-23.2%), "Cold Case" (-22.5%) and "30 Rock" (-21.4%).

If Gossip Girl is going to remain afloat, it needs to steal magic from one of the following shows.

Some programs improved, like "Big Bang Theory" (+35.7%), "Private Practice" (+27.0% on a new night), "Biggest Loser" (+21.2%), "Sunday Night Football" (+18.7%), "NCIS" (+14.9%), and "House" (+13.4%).

I thought it would come to this. Let's draw up a Facebook group that advocates Gossip Girl stealing from Big Bang Theory and Private Practice while upping the gay ante. If I sent you an invitation for "RALLY: Nate Archibald Should Steal a Baby From Chuck Bass's Womb, And to the Tune of a Laugh-Track" invitation, you'd join the cause. Right? For the future?

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  • Ted says:

    What these stories do not take into account is that most young people don't watch a show when it airs. They record it (DVRs, TiVo) or watch it later on web sites like Fancast or the network's. One of the major drawbacks with Nielsen -- and perhaps it is time for someone to have the balls to stand up to them -- is that they do not measure these alternative ways.