Virtual Newsstand:, November 2009

November 2009


Precious Moments
Meet Gabourey Sidibe: far from Precious, she's Hollywood's fiercest, freshest new face.

Mr. Disaster
Disaster star John Cusack opens up about his unlikely-ish collaboration with Hollywood's modern cataclysm kingpin, Roland Emmerich.

And God Created Eva
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans's sexy star on getting really out-there with those wizards of weird, Werner Herzog and Nicolas Cage.

Metaphysics and Mindf*ckery with Joseph Gordon-Levitt
From (500) Days of Summer to his recent turn hosting SNL, it's been a breakneck year for breakout star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We caught him in one of his more esoteric moods.

Walking Dead
With Zombieland and The Messenger, Woody Harrelson's career just keeps getting more interesting.

Out of The Box
Cult-movie maestro Richard Kelly on going Hollywood, his way, with The Box.

The Public Life of Alan Arkin
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee star in a wry, candid chat about everything from his script selectivity to bloodstain removal.

Shooting The Messenger
British acting powerhouse Samantha Morton devastates in The Messenger. How she does it, however, is something not even she fully understands.

Fists of Gugino
From Sin City to Sucker Punch, Watchmen to her turn as a porn star in Women in Trouble, Carla Gugino is our kind of action hero.

Being Werner Herzog
The mad genius of guerrilla filmmaking turns out to be a good-natured tease in a chat about drugs, film school, casting, Nic Cage, and the mystery that is women.

It's Gina, Darlin'
The star of stage (in Broadway's Bye, Bye Birdie), TV (in Liftetime miniseries Everything She Ever Wanted) and screen (in modern classics like Showgirls to Bound) refuses to be typecast, and never gets enough camp.

So So Sophie
Sophie Okonedo talks race, Obama, and her new film, Skin.

Hal's Song
American acting treasure Hal Holbrook opens up in one of Movieline's most emotional, honest and memorable interviews.

Sam He Is
The suddenly everywhere actor discusses the do' and dont's of acting in a remake.

Destroyer of Universes
An audience with Disaster King Roland Emmerich.

Material World
Costumer Colleen Atwood pulls back the curtain on costuming Tim Burton's magical worlds.

Punk the Power
Twenty questions with The Yes Men.




Lunar Year
The Crazy, Wolfy, Absy Road to New Moon

Turf War
And 7 Threatened Fanboy Responses to its Record-Breaking Take

Sneak A Peek At David Fincher's Social Network Facebook Page

O Father
So What Is This Sh*t My Dad Says, Anyway?: A Movieline FAQ

God's Eyes
6 Brilliant Films by This Weekend's Honorary Oscar-Winning DP Gordon Willis

Dark Horses
Will Crazy Heart Come Out of Nowhere to Win Jeff Bridges An Oscar?

Blinded by the Light
Could The Blind Side Score a Best Picture Touchdown?

Boob Tube Hoops
Project Runway Finale Recap: We Have a Winner! And a Headache!

King of the Blurb
Introducing the James Cameron Self-Parody Danger Zone!

Simon Says
Discuss: Simon Cowell Made $75 Million in 2008-09

Academy Men
What Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin Could Bring to the Oscars (With Video!)

What's in a Word?
Dear South Park: Stop Being A*sholes

The Show Ain't Over 'Til...
In Honor of Leona Lewis's Avatar Song, 5 Proposed Blockbuster Power Ballads

For Your Entertainment
American Music Awards: 5 Towering (and Toppling) Performances

Boob Tube Hoops
5 Unbeatable Harlem Globetrotter Appearances on TV, in Honor of Our Favorite Amazing Race Team


Get Carter
The Real Story (and the Mastermind) Behind James Franco's Soap Opera Career Move

James Franco Does General Hospital: Part 1
5 Delicious Moments From James Franco's General Hospital Debut

James Franco Does General Hospital: Part 2
5 Brilliant Moments From Day 2 of James Franco's General Hospital Odyssey

James Franco Does General Hospital: Part 3
When Franco Met A Red, Silk Blindfold: A Multimedia Love Story



In Theaters

The Twilight Saga: New Moon


The Blind Side

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Disney's A Christmas Carol

Up in the Air

The Road

The Box

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Broken Embraces


Pirate Radio

An Alan Smithee Column: By Mark Lisanti

Movieline Proudly Announces Its 2010 Sundance Competition Lineup Announcement Awards!

Why We Must Begin To Take New Moon's Oscar Chances Seriously

Oprah Winfrey: The Next 19 Months Of Goodbye

Five Possible Settings For Aaron Sorkin's Secret New TV Show About a TV Show

Movieline Explores: James Cameron's Exhaustive Search for the Perfect Avatar Breasts

Mad Men Power Rankings, Week 14: 'It's Not Starting Over. It's Just Starting.'

Bad Movies We Love

9 B-Movie Vampire Tips to Boost Edward Cullen's Sex Appeal Even More

10 Disaster Films Even More Crapocalyptic Than 2012

Celebrate Roger Corman's Honorary Oscar with the Crapocalypse Landmark Day the World Ended