New Moon's 'For Your Consideration' Oscar Campaign Revealed!


Perhaps buoyed by our brave declaration of love for upstart blockbuster New Moon's chances for an Oscar nomination -- we are, to our knowledge, the only non-Twilight site brave enough to seriously consider the nomworthiness of sparkly vampires and shirtless wereboys -- Summit Entertainment seems ready to reinvest some of the film's massive profits into an awards season advertising blitz, trying to capture some gold for the wildly successful film that has thus far produced only green.

The same little birdie* that "leaked" us the (admittedly crude) mock-up of a For Your Consideration ad we posted before signing off for the Thanksgiving holiday has provided us with proofs from the campaign about to invade the pages of the trade papers in a bold attempt to push presumptive favorites like Up in the Clooney and Precious: The Story of a Sapphire out of aging Academy members' easily distractible minds. (See? We've already forgotten the titles. It's working already!) After the jump, four ads presenting images so indelible they're almost certain to secure New Moon a berth among the Best Picture nominees and have two very powerful words on the lips of every influential player in Hollywood: "Team Oscar."

[*OK, the "birdie" might be our own copy of Photoshop and a misguided love of scrappy long-shots. What of it?]





  • Colander says:

    I thought about this (seriously, I mean) and we know they wouldn't get recognized for acting, directing, or writing. But honestly, what technical awards could they possibly even be nominated for? Set design? I doubt it.
    If there isn't a Sexiest Bro, Seriously, Call Me award, then we might just have to wait for David Slade's version.

  • Surrey says:

    The only thing I'd expect is a Best Fight nom at MTV's Movie Awards. The Volturi fight was fab!

  • JT says:

    SO STUPID! No way this wins any Oscars!

  • Anonymous says:

    Summit should use that cash instead to campaign 'The Hurt Locker'... what a brilliant film.

  • Anonymous says:

    The fact that studios have to campaign for Oscars for their films is ridiculous in the first place. The Academy should all just sit down, watch a shit load of movies and decide what they think is the best film of the year.

  • Maria says:

    Only boring movies can win oscars...duh

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