Could The Blind Side Score a Best Picture Touchdown?

Kyle: So, Stu, now that The Blind Side has wildly outpaced everyone's box office expectations, there's talk of Oscar buzz. And I don't just mean, "That line in the commercial that says there's Oscar buzz and we all laughed at it then but now we're not so sure."

S.T.: Well, I'm not so sure. In fact, if The Blind Side gets a Best Picture nomination, I will eat a pair of football cleats.

Kyle: At least there would be a silver lining, then! Video content, and whatnot.

S.T.: Call Les Blank, put it on the DVD extras. Anyway, Sandy for Best Actress yes, Blind Side for Best Picture, no.

Kyle: Well, I think it has a shot at a Best Pic nom, but let's take it one at a time. Sandy for Best Actress first! It's kind of amazed me how there's been a fifth slot open in that category and no one seemed to want it badly. Not Audrey Tautou, not Emily Blunt...

S.T.: Not Abbie Cornish, I don't think she's a lock at all. But Bullock really earned this one.

Kyle: Not only is the category ripe for someone to muscle in, it really is lacking for a star turn and Bullock is it.

S.T.: Very true.

Kyle: You have your ingenue (Carey Mulligan), your unknown (Gabby Sidibe), and you have Meryl Streep doing a character role, but Sandy brings star power, and she's never been nominated. My question to you is, do you think she deserves it?

S.T.: I actually do. It's a very difficult role in the first place. There's the accent, the swagger, the tenderness, and a benign sort of dogma that she gently tosses around, making it Christian catnip without alienating the secular audience, which is all this film wants to do in the first place. Moreover, she makes everyone around her better.

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