Buzz Break: Teacher Say, Student Do


· People's got the first look at Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan in...well, they're calling it The Karate Kid. I thought it got a name change?

· John Hillcoat (The Road) wants to add Amy Adams to his next film, The Promised Land.

· Ian McKellen is not a fan of Little Britain's Daffyd, the self-described only gay in the village: "I have to confess that I am little disquieted at times by the way that gays are portrayed, particularly on television...I know Matt Lucas will say that he is gay and it is not offensive but I don't think it gets the right message across. If you are gay you don't have to be camp."

· The status of Reese and Jake, a celebrity couple without a cutesy nickname (Rake? Jeese?) is in flux.

· If the sadly underseen Fantastic Mr. Fox didn't quench your animation thirst, why not try a stop-motion interview with Jason Schwartzman as J. Jonah Jameson as Wes Anderson? (Just go with it.)