Thanksgiving Box Office: The Blind Leading, Fantastic Not So Much


It was an interesting Thanksgiving frame at the box office -- and one that foretold a couple of benchmarks about to fall. The Blind Side managed to work its way up the number-one spot, and its impressive hold and family-friendly potential mean that Sandra Bullock might hit another career best just months after achieving it with The Proposal. Don't cry for number-two contender New Moon, though -- today, it should pass the entire $192.7 million domestic gross of the first Twilight. Instead, save your tears for The Fantastic Mr Fox, which expanded into over 2,000 theaters without much fanfare. The full results, after the jump:

THE BLIND SIDE: $9,485,000 ($60,125,000)

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON: $9,200,000 ($188,174,000)

NINJA ASSASSIN: $4,555,000 ($7,875,000)

OLD DOGS: $4,200,000 ($7,350,000)

2012: $4,050,000 ($120,896,000)

A CHRISTMAS CAROL: $3,770,000 ($89,360,000)

PLANET 51: $1,595,000 ($18,307,000)

THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX: $1,360,000 ($3,093,000)


THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS: $370,000 ($29,019,000)


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