The Campaign for New Moon Begins


· We've been slipped an advance look at the FYC ads for New Moon set to run in all trades the Monday after Thanksgiving. Scoff all you want -- we think we've more than made our case for why it has a decent shot at everything, including the big one.

· This trailer for Focus Features' documentary Babies made me really hungry. In related roast baby news, director John Hillcoat cut the scene from The Road in which you see a headless newborn roasting on a spit, because, quote, "it didn't look golden brown and delicious enough." No, just kidding -- he didn't say that. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

· "Watching the Twitter banter between an Oscar blogger and the director who hopes to use him to win an Oscar is cute." C.H.U.D.'s Devin Faraci tweets it like he sees it; this time, he sees it pretty much for exactly what it is.


· This nude photo portrait of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate, taken months before her murder, will be sold at auction, and is expected to bring in $10,000 or more. It's simply a must-have for any Polanski genitals enthusiast.

· Paul Scheer rounds up some of the most animal-abusey quotes from Old Dogs' abysmal reviews. This works best if you play Sarah McLachlan over it.

· Have a very happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope you'll spend it with someone you love. (Even if you're alone.) We'll be off tomorrow, and have light posting Friday. Now if you'll please excuse me, that baby won't stuff itself.


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