Hollywood Ink: DreamWorks Plunges Into Scuba Pirates

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· Invictus screenwriter Anthony Peckham will pen the script for DreamWorks' Deep Sea Cowboys, based on a Wired article about a salvage crew who tries to save the dangerous cargo from a capsized Japanese ship and claim its reward. They are aided in the seemingly impossible task by an army of [SPOILER ALERT!] vengeful dolphins. [THR]

Next in Ink: Kat wields a hammer; a serving of Stockard and Timothy; MGM on the block.

· Well, Natalie Portman was right! Kat Dennings has indeed joined the cast of Thor, sayeth Variety, playing the character Darcy. [Variety]

· There is a movie called Multiple Sarcasms. This is a play on "multiple orgasms," I think? It stars: Timothy Hutton, Mira Sorvino, Dana Delany, Mario Van Peebles and Stockard Channing, and is set in New York in 1979. It's getting a release in four cities in March. Perhaps one of them is your own! [Variety]

· Congratulations to Fox's Pam Dery and Schawn Belston, who have been promoted to Sr. VPs at Fox Filmed Entertainment, where they oversee technical services. Direct your Avatar color correction queries to them. [Variety]

· Bidding on MGM is set to begin any day now. Shall we start at $1.5 billion? [Variety]