Early Show Questions Adam Lambert About Double Standard, Cuts to Shot of Actual Double Standard


After Adam Lambert's poorly received fellatio dancing at the American Music Awards got him booted from a Good Morning America appearance, CBS's Early Show picked up the shrieker's pieces for a rousing Q&A. Just before anchor Maggie Rodriguez quizzed Lambert about the propriety of his performance, CBS aired blurred footage of the singer kissing a male dancer and immediately followed it with an uncensored clip of Britney Spears and Madonna locking lips. The layers of charming double standards unravel after the jump.

The censored male-on-male action and the uncensored female-on-muscular-arachnid action occur at the one-minute mark.

Insane. If they were going to censor things unfairly, they could've at least blurred it when Adam said he forgot about the cameras because he's a "theater" artist. He's not used to being on TV, see. Anyway, sorry, I'll blur my own face.

Double Standard [Towleroad]


  • stolidog says:

    Who's the unlucky Pucino person?

  • HwoodHills says:

    "Those moments came from an impromptu place...No, they weren't rehearsed."
    Yeah, trained dancers OFTEN make stuff up on the fly during a live broadcast. (It's the best way to be hired back by the choreographer!)
    Lambert then got a seat on a Morning show to talk about the event afterward.
    It was either HIS genius or the marketing department's.
    Either way, I'll bet there'll be a spike in sales this week.
    Adam Lambert: 1
    Anyone over fourteen: 0

  • Stella says:

    Straight Talk with Adam Lambert? Are they trying to be witty?

  • Nathan Sarraga says:

    Really nice design and fantastic subject matter, practically nothing else we need : D.