Andy Richter Blasts Jay Leno's 'Unclassy' 11:30 Overtures


Andy Richter is the perfect candidate to knock Jay Leno down a peg, particularly for voicing that he'd kinda like The Tonight Show back. Conan's announcer and sidekick admitted recently that NBC is a big ball of sad, so why wouldn't he challenge himself to greater candor? It's like a sport now. Richter admitted in a new interview that Jay Leno's mistiness for The Tonight Show's 11:35 timeslot shows his character -- and he ain't a regular Atticus Finch.

Richter gave an honest Q&A to TV Squad, mentioning that Leno's timeslot envy is, at the very least, inelegant.

There are also all of these stories that come up about how [Leno] said he'd take back the Tonight Show if they asked him to.

That was weird. That was a weird answer. Because nobody actually asked him if it was offered, the question was just sort of like, would you like to be back on? And he was the one who went on to say, "If they asked me, would I take it?" That's certainly not the classy answer to that question. The classy answer is, "Oh, well that's a silly question to ask because somebody already has that job." That's what you say. If you're classy.

And how! Don't worry, Andy -- Jay has reason to consider a fierce moral inventorying anyway.

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