When Franco Met A Red, Silk Blindfold: A Multimedia Love Story

James Franco spent most of this afternoon's General Hospital episode hidden away in his eerily lit crime scene of an apartment with only Maxie and a rich, blood-hued blindfold as company. The blindfold (a character tied over from yesterday's cliffhanger) showed more depth than any of its co-stars, transitioning effortlessly from an erotic accessory to a possible murder tool to a power symbol. The blindfold then inspired Franco to deliver his best monologue thus far -- a minute-long soliloquy about number 4 steak knives -- and shared so much heat with its A-list star that the flames of their passion threatened to singe through your grandma's dusty Sony screen and set her war bonds on fire. So for your Daytime Emmy consideration, I am pleased to present: Red Silk Blindfold.

To refresh your memory, here's a slide show of Franco and Red Silk Blindfold's slow, sadistic torture date with Maxie yesterday. Notice as the date climaxes with Maxie hugging the cement floor (in Blindfold) as Franco erotically draws a chalk outline around her body.


But as today's episode opened, Red Silk Blindfold had turned the tables on Franco, giving him a taste of his own medicine that culminated in the silkiest ménage à trois in General Hospital:

Just how will his tryst with Red Silk Blindfold end? Tune in tomorrow, after using Franco's own Steak Knife Soliloquy (transcribed here for your convenience) to nail your Real Steel audition:

"I was in love with her...Vanessa...She lived across from me at a third floor walk-up on Canal Street. One day I came home, and the cops were swarming all about the place. I ran up the stairs [dramatic pause], and there was crime scene tape across her door. I looked inside and [whispers] there was a chalk outline on the floor. She had been murdered by a man she had never even met. He stabbed her with a number four steak knife and then threw himself off an overpass into oncoming traffic. His body was scattered over five hundred yards. I haven't been able to eat meat to this day."

Good luck!


  • Dianna Trent says:

    FRANCO can purrrrrrrrrr in my ear ANYDAY about steak knives or whatever else he wants to!! That young man is incredibly attractive & has lips TO DIE FOR!! I'm not into soaps but I've already blogged all his scenes thus far!

  • maximista says:

    i had never heard of this guy before seeing him on gh. now i know what all of the hype is about. he's hot!