Twilight Brand Heroin: The Sparkly Tar Your Veins Crave


· And here I thought everyone was nodding off around me at New Moon because of the pacing and dialogue! [TMZ]

· Zachary Quinto was photographed with a pen jabbed into his eyeball. Where is a guy's security steak when you need him?!

· A hearty mazel tov to Mariah Carey, who's been awarded the Breakthrough Performance Award by the Palm Springs International Film Festival for her capable work in Precious. Next stop, the Oscars!

· Fox Filmed Entertainment chairman Jim Gianopulos laughed off rumors that Avatar will cost $500 million as "ridiculous...The movie was quite expensive, there is no question about that. But viewed now, from the perspective of its completion and having seen it, it's a formidable work and money well spent." Asked if he was confident it would turn a profit, he added, "I have no doubt about that."

· In this ad campaign, cancer-stricken Disney princesses look very sad about their chemo. I'm sure this is about raising awareness for a good cause, but now Disney has to sue the children's leukemia ward, and that's not going to help anybody.


· On the bright side, we hear lower temperatures help stave the bleeding.

· Waldo Hunt, the man responsible for popularizing the modern pop-up book as you know it, has passed away. Pull the tab in the direction of the arrow, and you'll watch a single tear slide down my face.

· The wait is over: The Morning Show Murders: A Novel, the debut mystery from Al Roker, hits bookstore shelves tomorrow. Watch your back, Curry.