New Moon's $26 Million Midnight Take Breaks All-Time Record


Uh, so there's this movie? It's called New Moon? Apparently there's some people who want to see it. The first screenings, at 12:01 am this morning on 3,514 screens across the country, brought Summit Entertainment $26,270,000, reports That eviscerates the previous records held by The Dark Knight ($18.4 million) and Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince ($22.2 million). The female-skewed, Twihard-filled audiences should taper off over the weekend, but it will be interesting to see if there's enough juice here over the rest of the weekend to get Moon into the top ten openings of all time. It would have to make more than X-Men: The Last Stand's $103 million -- utterly achievable, at this rate. What about top five? Spider-Man currently holds that spot at $115 million. Never underestimate the astonishing earning power of Taylor Lautner's 18 abs. [Deadline]


  • The Kid says:

    Did schools even open today? I'm anxiously awaiting the stories of girls being penalized for missing school today and how horrible it is, don't the evil administrations know Twilight is like the most important thing eva.