Time to Lip-Sync ... FOYALAIF! Meet the Cast of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2


RuPaul's Drag Race was a surprise breakout hit when its first, ultra-low-rent season debuted on Logo. It was a competition reality show that worked uncommonly well, mainly because it was tailored to the only breed -- besides maybe pageant queens -- who were quite literally born for the medium. They sew, they strut, they tuck, they bring the drrrraaaama: one glimpse of those crazy tranny bitches hoofing down the runway after a series of hilarious challenges (the Oprah Challenge and the Butch Lesbian Makeover Challenge were two of my favorites), where they'd get feedback like, "You look like you're dressed to give Dr. Phil a $20 hand job," and I was hooked. Season 2 debuts in February, and the first preview footage and contestant profiles have debuted online. It's after the jump.

Looks like they've classed things up a notch this season, as only about 90% of those contestants look as though they would blow Santino Rice in a Shakey's Pizza restroom to get ahead in the competition. It's almost enough to wipe away the memory of the worst Project Runway season in history, and give us hope that Season 7, starting in January, has fewer dumb bitches and more FUN DESIGNERS. Man, Runway and Drag Race running simultaneously. It's going to be the c*ntiest winter ever, people.

Here's the contestant list. Pick your horses:

Jessica Wild, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jujubee, Boston, Mass.

Morgan McMichaels, Mira Loma, CA

Mystique Summers Madison, Bedford, TX

Nicole Paige Brooks, Atlanta, GA

Pandora Boxx, Rochester, NY

Tyra Sanchez, Orlando, FL

Raven, Riverside, CA

Sahara Davenport, New York, NY

Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Studio City, CA

Sonique, Atlanta, Ga.

Tatianna, Falls Church, VA

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