Bear Eats Sides


· How do you get noticed out of a sea of auditioning comedians to win a coveted spot in Warners's live-action movie version of Yogi Bear? In T.J. Miller's case (who played Hud in Cloverfield), that would be shooting his audition with an actual bear. The bear steals the show. [via FilmDrunk]


· Keeping with the bear theme, get a load of the sixth grade notebook doodles of future Nazi-scalper and torture porn auteur, Eli Roth.

· Zac Efron finally revealed the secret to how he keeps his hair so bed-headed and buttery delicious: "I've never told anyone this before. This is a hair scoop. Shower before you go to bed, and then sleep on your wet hair. Towel-dry it. In the morning, it's all messed up naturally. If you have that messed-up thing going when you wake up, it's more willing to stay that way. That's Zac's hair tip."

· O hai, 30%.

· Wesley Snipes's defense team is appealing his three-year prison sentence for tax avoidance under the "I Have Lived in a Passenger 57-Underwritten Bubble For Far Too Long and Have Started to Believe My Own Insane, Self-Aggrandizing and Above-the-Law Bullshit" loophole of the U.S. Federal Tax Code.

· Project Runway host has admitted to having a Klumectomy just one month after giving birth.


  • sixhundred says:

    they used to call me crazy joe, now they call me batman?

  • The Winchester says:

    How many people to do you think have approached Wesley Snipes and asked him if maybe he should always bet on red instead?

  • Don Pevy says:

    what if AL CIAquida state an attack with biological weapons in lets say New york??? Hell will brake out and more people will die!

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