5 Delicious Moments From James Franco's General Hospital Debut


Hurricane Franco touched down in Port Charles this afternoon, kicking off the Pineapple Express actor's surprising arc on General Hospital. As an elusive performance artist whose "canvas is murder," Franco spent most of the episode lurking in the shadows, snacking behind dumpsters and waving into security cameras with fingerless gloves. But when Franco did escape those shadows and stare meaningfully into the distance as Adam Lambert's "It's A Mad World" played in the background, he was soap good.

1. Franco Emerges From the Shadows, Asks For Change

Within the first five minutes of the episode, the shaking of a spray paint can is heard just off-camera, leading us to our mysterious Franco and his first three words: "Spare some change?" After retrieving a loose coin from the ground, Franco disappears into the shadows, but not before pausing, turning back for effect and flipping the quarter into his palm.

2. Franco Emerges From the Shadows, Smiles Cryptically and Waves

After witnessing a shoot-out that leaves everyone running for their town cars, Franco steps out of the shadows with a crazy-looking smile and waves at Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). The scene is later re-played by Jason thanks to a conveniently placed surveillance camera.

3. Franco Finishes Off the Victim of a Shoot-Out, Artfully Re-Arranges Body

After learning more background information on Franco's character from Maxie (Kirsten Storms), who has been assigned the difficult task of enticing the mysterious artist ("I heard he was some sort of recluse in Paris for the past five years") into posing for a Crimson magazine spread, we see Franco again on the street. A victim from the shoot-out calls out to Franco for help. Franco approaches and...stomps on his throat! Satisfied with the results, Franco then re-arranges the man's limbs.

4. Franco Places World's Shortest Booty/Shave Call

Back in his apartment, Franco briefly acknowledges a topless male tied to a chair and bound with duck tape, before whipping out his cellphone and placing a brief phone call to a mysterious woman.

Franco: I need you.

Female: Should I wear anything special, or nothing at all?

Franco slams his phone shut. End scene.

5. Franco Shares Tender, Post-Shave Moments With a Female

"That's enough," Franco says, pulling away from a new character played by Lost's Marsha Thomason. "Was it good for you?" Thomason asks. Only we realize that the pair was not engaged in some fully-clothed love-making but the world's most sensual, straight-razor shave.