Robert Pattinson Hopes for New Swoon in Remember Me Trailer


Once upon a time, Robert Pattinson was God, nervously running his hands through his hair, then flicking that filmy follicular residue into a vast galactic expanse to create suns, solar systems, and human life itself. Then, our new deity seemed to vanish, handing over his media appeal, and screen time to the underage boy-king Taylor Lautner. With the trailer for Remember Me released today, will our absentee Lord return to us once again?

Certainly, the film doesn't appear to stray far from what made Pattinson popular -- not only is it a Summit release, but his Remember Me character is as pale and mopey as Twilight's Edward Cullen, and once again, Pattinson is Saved By Love. This time, it comes in the form of Lost's Emilie de Ravin, whose main quirk is that she loves eating dessert, and it's threatened by bad dads Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan. (Incidentally, the latter's shaky accent coupled with the ones put forth by Pattinson and de Ravin are threatening to give Edge of Darkness a run for its money). Will Pattinson's fanbase follow him to yet another romantic melodrama? Let's hope so, or Rob and Miley won't be the only ones moping.



  • qiupang says:

    This movie has a great touching script. Original script has a big twist at the ending but in the new script it is probably changed to make it less risky. I was moved to tears even after knowing the ending before reading it.
    It is about a family coping with losses. Have the flavor of Rachel getting married (actually same screenwriter) or In America (2003). The romance is only the subplot but they probably want to market it this way to attract the women who will be watching New Moon in theatre.
    Do your homework before writing your blog. And stop comparing Pattinson to Miley.

  • Casey says:

    Please do some research before you decide to bash this movie. You probably have no clue what it is about or that it involves 9/11. The reason Pattinson is all "mopey" is because his brother has just passed away, I think that is a legit reason to be "mopey". By the way the romance part of the movie is hardly a huge a factor, it is mostly a family drama. You would proably never guess the ending in a million years.....there is a reason why the film is called Remember Me. I feel like your bias against Pattinson has blinded you.

  • hellena says:

    So, there is the Twilight Mob coming to Rob's Rescue. I guess it answers your question about the fanmob watching/buying everything with pink tintet glasses on. ^^ Hurray for good taste...

  • ami says:

    Robert Pattinson is a great actor and before the twilight saga he made a lot of independent movie. He has a long career ahead of him and will undoubtedly make fantastic movies. Remember Me and Bel Ami will be one of those movie. Can't wait to see it.

  • darci says:

    Really looking forward to seeing this. I think Twilight was just showing the surface of Robert Pattinson’s acting skills, can’t wait to see him in a role with more depth.
    Other signs that this movie is going to be good:
    1 – it has Chris Cooper. He’s always great.
    2 – great songs in the trailer, especially “Asleep” by The Album Leaf (the one that plays about halfway through). That song is just about as dreamy as Robert himself!

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