New Percy Jackson Trailer Presents a World Where Even Medusa Wears Lipstick


A fantasy film like Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief has a tricky marketing task ahead of it, mostly because there are so many ways it could go. Should it play up the fact that it was made by Chris Columbus and aim for the Harry Potter audience, as its first trailer did? Should it take a page from Twilight and turn teen lead Logan Lerman into the next Rob Pattinson? Or should it intently study The Vampire's Assistant: Cirque du Freak for a case study on what not to do?

Based on this new trailer, it's trying all of the above. Percy puts forth a more aggressive, action-oriented spot than nearly all of those precedent properties, but it's still a little messy -- is there a point to including a Percy-in-the-pool prologue unless the trailer's going to explicitly spell out the kid's familial link to Poseidon? (Perhaps its marketers are trying to corner the female audience whipped into a frenzy by Taylor Lautner's New Moon abs.) At least there's a cameo by Uma Thurman as the most stunning Medusa ever, though I could have done without the way an iPod figures into beating her. The Greek Gods may have had powers beyond our ken, but they're apparently no match for the overwhelming modern force that is product placement.

VERDICT: Modest interest.


  • I want to find out if they answer the eternal question: Does Medusa have worms writhing above her taint, or have they given her a Brazilian to avoid the controversey?

  • PJO says:

    urm, if you have nay idea about medusa AT ALL, you would know that the orginal perseus (?) used a mirror to defeat Medusa.
    now, teenage boys do not carry around a mirror in their pocket, so the second closest thing for a teenager today is the mirrored back of their ipod, which is very good writing on CC'S behalf.
    so there.
    suck it!
    i hate articled like this,
    noone really actually takes the time to find out what the lightning thief is really about.

  • xxx says:

    i agree! this artcle stinks do they have to make so much fun of the book and other movies i like!?!?!? seriously! i love percy jackson! the series is amazing! do they honestly think the pool scene was to show off Percy's abs!?!!/?!?!?!?! Uh, NEWS FLASH!!!! He's not Taylor Lautner!!! Not every (TOTALLY HOT) male actor in a movie has to have washboard abs!!!!! what has the movie industry been reduced to??!?!?!?!?!?!?! ***k you twilight!

  • Becki Hands says:

    probably a combi of skill, ingredients, the ambience and sometimes even the equipment.