Hollywood Ink: Kellan Lutz Capitalizes on Slower-Than-Slow News Day


· So the film business is apparently on some kind of news strike this week, because the most noteworthy industry development of the day seems to be that New Moon-er Kellan Lutz is attached to the indie Cedars of Lebanon. Lutz will play one of a pair of brothers growing up parentless in the Valley during the 1970s. Sure, the actor is excited about it now, but just wait until he hears he's roped into the inevitable Lebanon fan cruise as well. Sad face! [The Wrap]

Brittany Murphy, Rin Tin Tin and others also abhor a news vacuum as Hollywood Ink continues after the jump.

· Brittany Murphy is the subject of a 47-word dispatch in THR confirming her participation in The Caller, in which she'll star as a woman who receives mysterious phone calls -- from the past! Stephen Moyer and Luiz Guzman co-star. Shooting begins tomorrow in Puerto Rico, where at least the cocktails are potent enough to help them forget why they're there. [THR]

· After acquiring and distributing the children's film Finding Rin Tin Tin: the Adventure Continues, B-kingpin Avi Lerner's Nu Image studio has successfully defended itself against a copyright suit brought by the Rin Tin Tin German Shepherd Breeding Co. The breeder had sought undisclosed damages and the destruction of all DVD's. It will get neither. [Variety]

· Josh Klausner will adapt Adena Halpern's novel The Ten Best Days of My Life for Fox. Amy Adams is currently attached to star and produce the tale of a woman who dies and will be admitted to the highest echelon of heaven if she can recount her 10 best days. Shawn Levy may direct. [THR]

· Transformers producer Don Murphy and his Angryfilms partner Susan Montford have optioned the Cycler series of young-adult novels, which concern a teenage girl who turns into a 17-year-old boy for four days each month. Think of it like Metamorphosis meets the menstrual cycle. And then cast Kellen Lutz, natch. [THR]


  • HwoodHills says:

    Re: The Cycler story-
    Hopefully there's at least one scene involving parallel parking during the body switch.

  • Victor Ward says:

    Unless Kellan's new movie involves growing up pantsless, I'm not interested. I don't think he'll ever top The Comeback.
    And that really set the stage for a far too predictable joke.

  • Colander says:

    He wasn't bad in Generation Kill, though, I admit, the Twilight screenwriters seem to not give him enough shirtless material. If only it took place in Malibu or something.