Buzz Break: When Moore is Less


· Was one of Demi Moore's hips shaved off for the cover of W? Jeez, airbrushers, let's not give the woman a plastic surgery complex or something. Click for bigger.

· One of Jeff Wells's tipsters caught The Lovely Bones and is calling it What Dreams May Come, Part II. Ouch.

· Everyone is threatening to quit Hollywood. Chris Weitz! Robert Downey Jr! Your neighbor who just got cut from the Groundlings' Sunday company! It's an epidemic.

· Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus have hung a defiant sign on their treehouse: "No Twilight fans allowed!"

· Ricky Jay once assaulted Pierce Brosnan by throwing a playing card at him from 50 feet away (Gambit-style!) and hitting him right above the eye. Sure, there's context, but who needs it?


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