What's On: Family Banking


ABC is only eight episodes into Modern Family's freshman season and the breakaway comedy is already giving 30 Rock a run for its money for best guest stars. Tonight's visiting A-list talent includes Elizabeth Banks and Edward Norton. Later this season, Modern Family will open its doors to Chazz Palminteri, Minnie Driver, Benjamin Bratt and Fred Willard.

Modern Family [9 PM, ABC]

Academy Award nominee Edward Norton guest stars as Phil's (Ty Burrell) favorite musician, Izzy LaFontaine, who is enlisted by Claire (Julie Bowen) for the pair's anniversary. Meanwhile, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) catch up with their wild ex-bestie (Elizabeth Banks). For casual Family viewers who already think that Banks co-stars as Claire, tonight's episode promises to be an extra-confusing one. At 10 PM, Janet Jackson speaks out for the first time since her brother's death during In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts.

America's Next Top Model [8 PM, CW]

For the first time in ANTM history, a winner will be crowned who is 5'7 or shorter. Tonight's Cycle 13 finale features the tight competition between Nicole, the red-haired art student who admitted to eating her meals in the privacy of bathroom stalls, and Laura, the 19 year-old Kentucky waitress whose grandma sews her clothes. Watch out for a brief cameo by Norbit superstar Eddie Murphy during the final runway when his daughter walks the runway alongside the finalists.

The New Adventures of Old Christine [8 PM, CBS]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been nominated for an Emmy each of the four seasons that Christine has been on the air. Tonight, the Seinfeld alum and Curb Your Enthusiasm guest-star is joined by Jennifer Grey, best known for her role as Dirty Dancing's Baby. Grey, who is married to co-star Clark Gregg, plays a gym-goer who Old Christine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) sets up with Richard (Gregg) so that he can forget New Christine (Emily Rutherfurd) once and for all.


Thank You for Smoking [11 PM, USA]

Jason Reitman's 2006 film satire about an amoral tobacco spokesperson marked the simultaneous birth and death (or at least strong lull) of two of its stars' careers. Lead Aaron Eckhart bridged his career from an '04 appearance on Frasier and a few indie movies to meaty roles in The Black Dahlia, No Reservations and The Dark Knight. Meanwhile Katie Holmes, who plays an attractive reporter, crossed over from Batman Begins to co-starring with late-career Diane Keaton in Mad Money.