The North American Harris-Gunn Love Association

· Who says Twitter's good for nothing? It brought us this photo of Neil Patrick Harris and Tim Gunn, seconds after Tim had furrowed his brow, bitten the knuckle on his index finger, and asked the How I Met Your Mother star if he had "maybe a cable-knit cardigan to tie around your neck and pull this schizophrenic look together? Hey, who's hungry for Red Lobster? I am!"

· Gerard Butler dangled his infant son Blanket out of a hotel balcony window. The results are hilarious. I think it's his face.

· Slashfilm gives their readers an insider's look at how you get your name and words into a major motion picture ad campaign. It's like a pullquote DVD extra!

· Hey -- look who it is! Sofía Vergara again! This time, she made a hilarious joke about how her 16-year-old son is the product of a teen rape. That's where Whoopi drew the line. That skipped rape-rape and went directly to rape-rape-rape-rape. Somewhere Julie Roland Bowen is laughing.

· XBox magazine calls James Cameron a "PWNABLE N00B." Here's 7 pages of their Avatar: The Game coverage.

· The new Flaming Lips video is extremely naked.