Late Night Highlights: Jack Nicholson Memories, Guatemalan Love Songs and Bullet Wounds

Were you so psychically drained from another one of Brody and Jayde's epic battles that you fell asleep at 11 PM? Fear not, because Movieline has compiled the best moments from last night's late night into one neat, commercial-uninterrupted package. From Penelope Cruz's Oscar night memories to George Lopez's strangest new segment, look no further than Movieline's Late Night Highlights.

New Frontiers In Audience Participation

Lopez Tonight unveiled a new segment designed to test the prejudices -- and comfort level -- of its audience members. Dragging two victims onstage, Lopez instructed the pair to 'let ignorance be your guide' and decide which of the two categories random people on the street fall under. Showing a young Latina woman, Lopez asked, "Pregnant in High School or Not Pregnant in High School?" And the game continued with more prejudice-evoking questions, including "Eaten a Dog or Not Eaten a Dog?"

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