It's Not Too Late to Put Sandra Bullock in Three More Movies This Year

When Sandra Bullock had the biggest hit of her career this summer with The Proposal, I believe we all thought, "Way to go, Sandy! Get that cheddar." (That is verbatim.) Then, what was meant to become Bullock's comeback year was sorely tested by the release of All About Steve, a comedy that almost broke Rotten Tomatoes, and before we've had any time to recover from that debacle, here comes Bullock again with this week's release of the inspirational sports drama The Blind Side. Is America ready for all-Bullock, all the time?

Here at Movieline, we say yes! In fact, if Bullock truly wants to dominate the year 2009, she'll need to insert herself into three more movies this holiday season. Fortunately for her, I'm here to offer a helpful, Photoshopping hand.

Which three movies should Bullock crash? Read on to find out!

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