Look, we'll admit it: We here at Movieline are suckers for a good catfight. We're totally a good catfight's bitch. So we really enjoyed seeing Julie Roland Bowen lay into Sofía Vergara on last night's Chelsea Lately. But what's this? Another rumble: Martha vs Rachael! We've died and gone to catfight heaven! (There really is a catfight heaven. It's filled with dogs smoking cigars and waving bills in the air.) [Us]


  • HwoodHills says:

    Martha's appearance on GMA this morning was classic. She dissed Ray a few times and when the reporter then asked Ray what her responses to the comments were, she said, "She's right!...I'd rather eat her food too!"
    Martha is frightening. If they ever decide to remake Mommy Dearest she's the only way to go for Crawford.