What's On: Operation Locklear


On tonight's Melrose Place, Heather Locklear re-assumes her role as resident diva Amanda Woodward, regains control over wayward publicity firm WPK, and hopefully knocks the show's meager ratings out of cancellation territory. Locklear already jolted Melrose Place with ratings electricity back in the early '90s when the 90210 spin-off was underperforming, so tune in tonight to see whether Locklear's lightning can strike Melrose twice.

Melrose Place [9 PM, CW]

There has never been a better reason to tune into MP Rehashed than Amanda's return to West Hollywood, even if she told Jay Leno that she will not be lounging around in a bikini (but she will jump into the pool at some point). Amanda shocks Ella (Katie Cassidy) and Caleb (Victor Webster) by crashing WPK and immediately firing half the staff, while offering Ella an ultimatum. Meanwhile, Auggie (Colin Egglesfield) finally gives in to Violet (Ashee Simpson-Wentz) and David (Shaun Sipos) finds the courage to ask out Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen).

The Prisoner [8 PM, AMC]

The six-part miniseries, a reimagining of the 1967 British television series, concludes tonight. A bit of a mindf*ck, the David Lynchian story follows Jim Caviezel as a man who quits his job, wakes up in a strange place called the Village, and is assigned the number Six. The next six hours are spent on a journey to figure out where he is and who exactly, is number One. Ian McKellen co-stars as Two, the creepy leader who is bizarrely interested in Six's memories. If you find this appealing, you will enjoy the original much more, in all of its "All You Need Is Love"-blasting, machine-gun firing glory.

The Biggest Loser [8:30 PM, NBC]

If you haven't quite recovered from The Biggest Loser's Subway-sponsored desecration of the nation's capital, you might want to consider tuning in for tonight's makeover show. Usually the most exciting installment of the season, Tim Gunn waltzes in to supervise the top six contestant's makeovers while hairstylist Tabatha Coffey (of Bravo's Tabatha's Salon Takeover) oversees the hairstyles. After, the group speaks to TV Guide about their weight loss and reveal their new looks to their families.


Swingers [8 PM, E!]

If you paid $13 to see Couples Retreat in the theater, and then the next 72 hours punishing yourself for spending that $13 when you could have used it on 13 gorditas or half a case of Charles Shaw, it is not your fault! You probably remembered seeing the magic between early career Jon Favreau and slim, early career Vince Vaughn and thought a little bit of that spark would have survived the Four Christmases Tragedy of '08. But 113 minutes and at least four shameless embedded Guitar Hero advertisements later, you felt robbed. Let us all remember the better days together, and for free.