New Moon Premiere Round-Up: Alex, Imprint Us!

The most important premiere of the most important movie of all time landed in Westwood Village last night, and Movieline wasn't there to capture it. What are we -- nuts?! No, we enjoyed the New Moon insanity from the comforts of our homes, trawling the internet for every last, juicy Twi-morsel (you can add Twi- to anything! Try it!) and compiling them here for your reading pleasure.

· Rachelle Lefevre, who was unceremoniously discharged after playing the villainous vampiress Victoria in the first two installments (Bryce Dallas Howard will replace her), tweeted why she wouldn't attend the premiere: "2 fans at the premiere: w/ Honey in hospital & being fired from Eclipse tonight was just 2 emotional 4 me & I couldn't manage it. So sorry." Honey is her dog.

· asked the stars of Twilight (and director Chris Weitz) to answer the Proust questionnaire. Taylor Lautner names Steve Martin and Christian Slater as the heroes he most looks up to. Exchange money accordingly.

· The Vamp is a Twilight-inspired dildo that retains temperature, so you can leave it in the fridge for an authentic recreation of what it might feel like to have Edward's cold, sparkly vamphood thrust up inside you. (And it really does sparkle!) That, and lots more insane merchandise, over at Gawker.

· Joan Jett showed up at the premiere, and posed with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, the stars of the Runaways movie.

· Want to know how to get the Bella look? Step 1: Purchases Twilight-brand cosmetics. Step 2: Apply Twilight-brand cosmetics. Step 3: Remove Twilight-brand cosmetics with Twilight-brand makeup remover. Voila! You now have the Bella look!

· Venerable U.K. rag The Sun characterizes Taylor Lautner as "the cat that got that cream as he soaked up the electric atmosphere."

· CBS's The Early Show sent down a correspondent to capture some footage of the fans who camped out five days in advance (mmmm....sidewalk s'mores) and the stars' arrivals.