McG Booted From Magic Kingdom as Disney Halts Leagues


One can only imagine how the first Rich Ross-led production meeting went recently at Disney, where the new regime likely settled down at its mouse-shaped conference table, made some introductory rounds like the first day of school, and then spat gallons of coffee in unison upon realizing that their predecessors planned a new 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea adaptation directed by McG. After some debate as to whether or not it was practical joke rigged up by former boss Dick Cook on his way out the door, the executives went ahead and killed it just in case.

"Killed" might be too strong a word, but it's close enough. The project, which at one point had Will Smith rumored to play the lead and was being prepped to shoot next year, no doubt exceeded any reasonable cost and wasn't necessarily franchiseable -- at least not along Pirates of the Caribbean lines. McG wasn't going to wait around, and Disney didn't ask him to, instead pushing Leagues back indefinitely and leaving the director in the lurch between the bankrupt Terminator franchise and a Warner Bros. spy thriller he's been attached to for a while.

According to reports, Ross & Co. haven't given up on event movies like Leagues, but look at it this way: If Rob Marshall of all people is being pursued for Pirates 4, then don't expect the new gang to hand its $180 million underwater adventure to a guy whose most exciting drama this year was a prospective dick-measuring contest with Michael Bay. The drawing board is there for a reason -- use it.

· Disney docks 20,000 Leagues pic [Variety]


  • Old No.7 says:

    McG's next project will be an attempt to reboot the McDLT franchise, one burger at a time.

  • kroon78 says:

    20k remake would have been awesome, especially with pockets like disneys!

  • BlueFez says:

    A re-make of 20k with McG directing and Will Smith as Captain Nemo would've been a cinematic failure of epic proportions. Disney needs to get someone who'll respect the source material.

  • Thomas Becket says:

    Oh thank GOD! I'm sorry but the way the majority of films are being made today there was no way this was going to be a good movie...and I'm an ardent fan of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
    It would have b-lown! Jules Verne need not roll over in his grave anymore.

  • Kelly Lange says:

    MCG ruined Terminator. He is a hack and would have ruined this film.
    Back to television for this loser - I hope. He is truly a terrible story-teller and director.

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