Lynn Shelton Presents Even Gayer Humpday Semi-Sequel


It was a rough summer for a lot of worthy indie films, and one of the worthiest -- Lynn Shelton's shaggy, surprising mumblecore farce Humpday -- didn't manage to find an audience commensurate with its buzz. The comedy is being released on DVD today, and to mark the occasion, Shelton's made available a short film inspired by it. This time, instead of watching straight dudes Mark Duplass and Josh Leonard attempt a bedroom encounter, a gay man and a lesbian have the unlikely honors.

Shelton made the 5-minute film, Beyond Gay, for the very same festival that inspired Humpday's main dare: HUMP!, the Seattle fest dedicated to amateur porn. Beyond Gay doesn't quite hit the same highs as Humpday itself (you'd really need Duplass for that), but since the original film only nabbed about $400K in theaters, this is about as close to a franchise as you're gonna get.

View the entire NSFW clip at Indiewire.

Beyond Gay: Presenting Lynn Shelton's Sequel to Humpday [Indiewire]


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