TV Bites: Get Me That Seinfeld Guy


· NBC has lured Larry Charles, the writer-producer behind Seinfeld, director of Borat and Bruno, and director-producer of Curb Your Enthusiasm, back to the Peacock for a semi-scripted series. The pilot, which has been ordered, will introduce a group of small town sci-fi fans who decide to make their own episodes of their favorite show after it ends. This could be another layer of the Seinfeld-meta-reunion onion, or at the very least, a job opportunity for Michael Richards and Wayne Knight. [Reuters]

My Little Pony gallops back to television, Fox pushes Tabasco sauce for Fringe and more TV Bites after the jump.

· FX has already secured the TV rights to this weekend's box office-shattering disaster porn, 2012, and Zombieland. [Hollywood Reporter]

· Fox is staging a major marketing push for this week's Fringe in hopes of resuscitating its fledgling ratings. The campaign, being called "Observer Week, will plant the show's suited observer characters in other Fox telecasts like So You Think You Can Dance and Sunday's NFL game. The network will also dispatch observer street teams in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Boston and Chicago to pass out Tabasco sauce. Not sure if anyone on the J train will understand the significance of the spicy condiment (Fringe's observers like spicy food) but it can't be more annoying than those subway Axe performers. [Variety]

· Lou Dobbs, the recent recipient of a coveted Darrell Hammond SNL nod, is denying that CNN pushed him out of the cable news network, instead citing an "amicable parting."

[Associated Press]

· My Little Pony is getting a new series on the upcoming Hasbro-Discovery cable channel. The new network is fast-tracking its colorful ponies while looking for other Hasbo products to develop. While we'd all love to see The Adventures of the Magical Easy-Bake Oven, the smart money is on Mr. Potato Head coming to cable life. [Hollywood Reporter]


  • Old No.7 says:

    Good timing for Larry, as the southern leg of the Tres Hombres tour has been postponed until next year.