In Honor of Leona Lewis's Avatar Song, 5 Proposed Blockbuster Power Ballads


It began with "Time For Miracles," the song sung by Adam Lambert that accompanies you as you exit 2012, pondering the true meaning of overcoming incontinence that director Roland Emmerich leaves us with after nearly three hours of skull-fracturing digital destruction. And with today's news that Leona Lewis, another reality TV singing sensation, will be recording a song for the Avatar soundtrack, it's all but official: the closing credits power ballad is back, and in a big way.

Let us sing its praises, then, with a tribute, as Movieline predicts the next five songs to follow the trend, and the artists who'll sing them.


1. The Lovely Bones

Artist: Lady Gaga

Song Title: "Are You There God? It's Me, Gaga"

Sample Lyric:

"Bones bones bones

My famous bones

Dressed up so lovely

Feel it, la la la, ha ha ha, rape rape rape bones..."

Analysis: Music video features lots of clips, interspersed with Gaga walking through a conceptual "slaughterhouse discotheque" in Christian Dior Couture Spring/Summer 2014 collection.


2. Sherlock Holmes

Artist: Kris Allen

Song Title: "It's Elementary (I Love You): Love Theme from Sherlock Holmes"

Sample Lyric:

"Not much of a mystery

The clues were all there

The smile on her face

And the smell of her hair

It's elementary, girl -- I love you..."

Analysis: The kind of radio-friendly love song Jude Law could get you pregnant to.


3. The Wolfman

Artist: Susan Boyle

Song Title: "The Beast and the Worst of You"

Sample Lyric:

"The moon's aglow

On a moor white with snow

You savaged the flock

Like you savaged my aching heart..."

Analysis: Except for a few shots of the Scottish sensation's face digitally superimposed over a full moon, this video will rely almost entirely on scenes from the film advancing the love story between Benicio del Toro and Emily Blunt. A wasted opportunity, really.

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