This Is the Way the World Ends: Not With a Bang But With a $225 Mil Opening


Like a giant, runaway donut splatting a pedestrian fleeing unsuccessfully from the Grand Canyon-sized fissure where LAX used to be, 2012 has trampled the weekend box office. Roland Emmerich's shimmering love letter to mankind's inevitable and spectacular demise grossed $65 million domestically and an additional $160 million in foreign territories, giving it a grand total of $225 million for the weekend, and almost assuring it a spot in the top ten openings of all time. Come back later for our full box office report. [Variety]


  • Colander says:

    James Cameron just ran to the bathroom, y'all.

  • Andy III says:

    More people watched a 'Kardashien' (whatever that is) get married last week than watched the excellent season ender of the amazing 'Mad Men'.
    And this week, a movie who's tagline is "Keep in mind, this is a piece of crap" makes $225 million dollars.
    Wow, weird world.

  • Phil says:

    Interestingly enough, I just watched an interview with Cameron from right before Titanic came out- I guess that some people were speculating Scream's 39 million domestic opening was a bad sign for Titanic.

  • ilan van Dijk says:

    what kind of plane is that.?

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