What's On: Say Yes to the Dress, Endorsed by Megan Fox


In yesterday's NY Magazine cover story, Megan Fox confessed that she is addicted to trashy reality fare like Jon & Kate Plus Eight, Ghost Hunters, and especially TLC's Say Yes to the Dress. The Transformers vixen explained that there is just something special about watching frenzied women search for the perfect wedding gown that glues her to the television for hours at end: "It's really confusing to me, so I study it. They all cry when they find the dress. I don't understand why they all cry."

Say Yes to the Dress [9 PM, TLC]

Hopefully, TLC PR has already gotten ahold of Fox's PR and scheduled a special, sex-symbol-studded SYTTD event. (This is exactly the target audience that Fox's manager lamented the actress could not attract and part of the reason Lynn Hirschberg theorizes that Jennifer's Body did not perform better at the box office). In tonight's new episode, Randy and Dianne double team a bride, hoping to help her find the ideal lacy sheath. A second-time bride lives on the wild side by bringing her fiance to her fitting and another customer reacts to her red grown.

Smallville [8 PM, CW]

There are few things in life that please me more than discovering that the stars of 7th Heaven are still finding work. Tonight, David Gallagher (a grown-up Simon Camden) guest stars as superhero Zan, who fights crime with his twin Jayna (Allison Scagliotti). After the Zan and Jayna misstep, Clark (Tom Welling) reluctantly admits that he is the Blur.

Supernanny [8 PM, ABC]

Last night on NBC, Jay Leno threw to a pre-taped skit in which a comedian adopted an English accent and blindsided mall shoppers about their parenting skills. It was painful and one of those rare times where the real Supernanny, Jo Frost, doesn't seem so grating. Tonight, watch as she attempts to tame four kids in Florida so that their parents do not divorce.


The Wizard of Oz [8 PM, TBS]

The newly-restored 70th Anniversary edition of Victor Fleming's classic will be playing at select theaters on November 19, so savor the quality of TBS's commercial-interrupted copy tonight, tomorrow night or Sunday night at 8 PM. There will probably be a new anniversary edition every decade of your life, so clear off a shelf now for a few more 52-page commemorative booklets and multi-disc sets.