Is Milhouse a Secret Gay on The Simpsons?


Last night, The Shepard Fairey Equality Project had its official launch party at the Andaz West Hollywood in Los Angeles, and 24 special, celebrity-customized prints of Fairey's marriage equality poster were on display. Some celebrities went all out in redecorating the posters (Virginia Madsen loves to collage!) while some put in the bare minimum of effort (in all fairness to Anna Kendrick, she has had a busy year), but it was the Matt Groening-enhanced poster that really caught my eye. After outlining Homer Simpson on Fairey's print, the Simpsons creator scrawled a mysterious message at the very bottom.

"Your pal, Matt Groening, Creator of Milhouse," read the signature. Now, unless Milhouse has a special LGBT fanbase I'm not aware of, might Groening be giving us a hint that Milhouse's surface yearning for Lisa actually obscures the fledgling gay within? Someday, will Milhouse grow up and become the homo hipster he was always meant to be, smoking cheroots, listening to Vampire Weekend, and trading in his dorky glasses for chunky-chic black frames? (The blue hair, of course, will suddenly seem very on-trend.)



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