Adam Sandler's Grown Ups: A Couples Retreat For People Who Hate The Beach


Suddenly, it's the plot du jour: Old friends, younger wives, and even younger children get together on a vacation. Sometimes, it leads to a Guitar Hero commercial. Sometimes, it leads to MURDER! And sometimes, as in the case of the Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups (which just debuted its trailer), it leads to a Saturday Night Live cast reunion. Sandler and his SNL cronies David Spade, Chris Rock and Rob Schneider team up in the film with Kevin James, who unexpectedly had a bigger hit this year than any of them.

This is not a case of a film putting all its good jokes in its trailer. Rather, the film seems to have fallen into the same trap that plagues Couples Retreat: the studio foots the bill for a lot of famous comedians to hang out, and every so often, the irritating interruption that is shooting the movie comes up and is dealt with as briefly as possible. Once everyone signed their deals and got to approve their hot wives, I'm pretty sure script polishes became superfluous.