Buzz Break: Runaway Pride

· Lita Ford feels better about the Runaways movie after meeting the starlet playing her, <a href="">Scout Taylor-Compton. Said Ford, "She has a heart and soul, unlike some of the people behind the movie. She also hawks a mean loogey and really is a lot like me. We both cried the first time we spoke. Scout rocks." Aw. Kiss my feelings deadly.

· The romance between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart was "a long time coming" according to the new Gladys Kravitz of teenybopper speculation, Catherine Hardwicke.

· Independence Day may spawn not one, but two sequels.

· Werner Herzog tried making amends with Bad Lieutenant director Abel Ferrara by casting him as an actor in the remake. Ferrara was still "not cool" with the project.

· Rambo V's plot has changed entirely. Now Rambo will be defending justice in a city where a bunch of women have either vanished or been kidnapped. Luckily, none of the kidnappers can outrun an army-issue geriatric scooter.


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