TV Bites: Jon Gosselin Turns Back The Clock, One Diamond Stud At a Time


· Reality television's Frankenstein, Jon Gosselin, continues to wage war on TLC, alleging that they violated child labor laws and their "infected hands should be amputated." To prove what kind of evil will come if TLC does not allow Gosselin out of his ironclad contract, Gosselin made this FunnyOrDie video (click through) in which he joins forces with ridiculing Jon Gosselin.

Taylor Swift finds award redemption, CNN finds a replacement for Lou Dobbs, Tila Tequila finds an inventive way to come out to her family and more TV Bites after the jump.

· John King will replace CNN's illegal immigration crusader and 1993's "Father of the Year," Lou Dobbs, who announced last night that he was leaving the network immediately to pursue other opportunities.

· History was made at last night's Country Music Awards. Darius Rucker became the second African-American to win a major CMA and Taylor Swift became the youngest person to win entertainer of the year award, much to the dismay of Wynnona Judd, who declared that "It's too much too soon," while staying far away from the stage during Taylor's acceptance speech.

· Another award show that people are ashamed to admit they watch, the American Music Awards, announced that Janet Jackson will open the November 22 show with an eight-minute performance.

· Fox has picked up another reality competition series about annoying children from Mark Burnett called Our Little Genius.

· Ray Bradbury, the literary genius behind Fahrenheit 451, is shopping a six-hour miniseries to networks, in which each installment would feature a different classic story by Bradbury, directed by a different director.

· Tila Tequila chose the Twitter platform last night to come out.