Carrie Prejean Mutes Self in Staggering Act of Charity

In other humorless memoir news, Larry King invited on beleaguered pageant dragon Carrie Prejean to discuss her new book Still Standing, though she didn't stick around long enough to prove her encyclopedic knowledge of the Bill of Rights. After King asked a question about why she settled with K2 Productions regarding a lawsuit about her breach of contract, Prejean called King "inappropriate" and all but walked off the show. There's no telling who Prejean kept talking to offstage before King cut to black, but I seriously doubt it's one of our forefathers. A shame. Clip after the jump.

Man, and she didn't get to field the question from the gay viewer either. Why fight for freedom of speech when all you're going to do is silently hold up your memoir and make sex-tape eyes at the camera?

Carrie Prejean's Surreal Near-Walkout on Larry King [Popeater]


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